Hello INFOSTEW. COM bidder from Godaddy!


If you were the winning bidder From Godaddy for the domain: INFOSTEW. COM, I wanted to first apologize and give you a reason why I redeemed the domain during redemption.

I simply did not want Godaddy to unfairly earn any auction fees/bids on this name BUT you still have the ability to claim it, but just not from them.

Fees to pay to claim:

$88.29 for redemption and renewal reimbursement I paid.

$100 to buy. I can setup a “buy now” payment arrangement.

If you do not want to do this that’s okay. I have a previous long standing offer from another buyer. I’m just now ready to sell for personal reasons.

Post in comment if you’re still interested or not.

Thanks ,


One thought on “Hello INFOSTEW. COM bidder from Godaddy!”

  1. I’ll buy. I had the name on my watch list but missed it and saw it was over. I’ll send you my contact info to the email asap listed on the whois for infostew.

    BTW, I never thought to do what you just did with this name after the auction lol. I have to try it with my other names sometimes :)

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